Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Art of Free-Running

Forget Spiderman. Free-runners are taking over the urban places, jumping crazily over rooftops and through cities.

Basically, free-running is getting from point A to point B in the fastest, most flamboyant way possible. To compete, free-runners must perform better or execute them with more daring tricks. Jumping from building to building, flipping while landing, they perform acrobatic movements to amaze all those who watch. In fact, it has been recently shown up in movies and video games. This is an extreme sport which does only require your clothes, shoes, and a daredevil personality.

There are two types of free running: a style called Parkour, the art of training your body to overcome obstacles with movement, and free running. There is only one distinct difference between the two. Free running is more of an art form using a series of moves spun together at the artist’s will, while Parkour is a martial art and is more uniform.

This sport takes much practice and dedication, and is not easily done. It is incorporated with a decent diet to put the body in perfect shape, and a brave heart. If you are curious to participate, just make sure you are aware of the danger you are getting into.

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